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  • Three ways to boogie

    Posted on May 19th, 2010 moboogie No comments


    Use simple, full body movements to make music. From basic beats to full melodies, you can create and record sounds and music with your movement. Unlock more boogie!  As you become more advanced unlock new sounds.  You begin with basic rhythms and once you’ve mastered the beats, you can ad melodies and even harmonies.  You can also unlock musical styles, like techno, jazz, rock, and hip hop.


    Send your recorded grooves to friends, who can simply chose to listen or they can learn your grooves by playing along. To play along, users will hear their own movements side by side with your groove.  When they get it wrong, they’ll hear it and they’ll feel a vibration, and when they get it right, you’ll be making music together.


    Imagine an impromptu group dance, like the famous flash mob in Grand Central Station, but now the choreography can create the music.  MoBoogie social features allow large groups of users to connect to a network and share their grooves to create harmonies through dance.  The more the better!  A wifi connection will allow dozens of people to boogie together. If everyone records their groove and uploads it, the music can be recombined and downloaded.